Teenage Cancer Trust

As trustees we were prompted to make a donation of £3,000 to TCT as a young person close to us was suffering from a particularly rare type of childhood cancer. Fortunately these cases are rare but for those seven teenagers diagnosed every day, the work of TCT is crucial in providing someone to talk to who knows what to expect and can guide and support them.

Social planner, activity organiser, listener, counsellor, abseiler, pizza deliverer, morale booster, comedian and friend. Our family will always be thankful…


Teenage Cancer Trust have the incredible aim of providing support to every single teenage cancer sufferer in the UK. They provide care and support to the sufferer and their family at what is always a very hard time for all. We were very pleased to be able to make this donation and were glad to hear that it made a real difference to the work of this charity:

Without your support, Teenage Cancer Trust would not be able to deliver the specialist support that young people need to avoid facing cancer isolated and alone.

Alison Nicholson, TCT

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