We See Hope!

The Altor Foundation is pleased to support We See Hope, a charity that supports women and children in Southern and Eastern Africa. They support children acutely impacted by lack of opportunity, isolation and exploitation by giving them and their mothers financial opportunities to support themselves. They are currently working in 147 communities across Kenya, Malawi, Tanzania, Uganda and Zimbabwe.

During Covid they have been focussed on:

Soap making in Kenya
  1. Teaching new income generating skills such as making face masks and soap, as well as continuing their existing programmes such as food gardens.
  2. Strengthening child protection structures through their community volunteer network to make sure that ‘at risk’ children such as those who have dropped out of school are identified and supported.
  3. Advancing their Village Investors Programme (VIP), which sets-up self-funded and regulated savings and loans groups. It also provides training in financial and business skills.
Maintaining existing food gardens Kenya

It is fair to say that we love the VIP scheme as it helps some of the poorest people in the world to develop the skills they need to financially support themselves and their families. It fits well with the financial education part of our supporting business Altor Wealth Management llp and meets one of our charitable objectives of supporting the poor to support themselves.

VIP meeting in Zimbabwe

To put the Altor Foundation’s support into context, £3,000 is enough for 100 parents to be part of VIP. Based on data from VIP, we know that on average every member cares for three children, meaning your gift is enough to support at least 300 children at a time when building economic security in households is more critical than ever – thank you so much.

WeSeeHope Head of Fundraising – Katherine Chelsom-Pill.

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